Lowes HR

If there is any information request from Lowe’s associates, we recommend the employees to get in touch with the store Lowes HR managers. They are ready to help with the employment information, payroll schedules, work benefits, tax forms, and others.

Lowes Human Resources takes care of recruiting new employees and managing them. Also many other works in Lowes Kronos. Their work is not defined into one set of schemes.

Lowes employees and managers need to get in touch with the HR team for a smoother working environment. This signifies the role of the human resource department in a company.

Lowes HR – Human Resources TEAM

lowes hr

The human resources Team is the responsible department in any company for recruiting, managing the company employees. Like this, Lowes appoints HR managers for each store.

As the Lowes HR managers are available during business hours, Lowes associates can request any information regarding their employment with the HR managers.

Similar to this, there is a lowes customer service to address all customer issues.

Still, if the Lowes Associates are not much satisfied with the talk, they can contact the support center through the HR phone number. The employee hr service support center is available during weekday business hours only. We recommend you seek help from the HR manager.

Contact Lowes HR

If any employees want to connect with Lowes HR for additional assistance, then feel free to call the HR contact number:

+1 800-400-4104

The support center is only accessible from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM EST.

Before contacting the HR number, try to seek help from the store HR Manager.

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