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MyLoweslife is a useful online portal for Lowes former and current associates. It allows the employees to get access to their work schedules, paystub payments, and employee benefits. They can view several applicable benefits in the dashboard.

Lowe’s current and former employees had to use the Lowes employee login and get updates regarding the weekly work schedules, paystubs, W-2 forms, employee benefits, get connected with your colleagues, and receive company news updates.

If there is an issue with the My Lowes Life login, employees can get in touch with Lowe’s HR Team through the contact option on the portal. Also, there is a separate website for Former Lowe’s employees to get necessary documents.

All the necessary details, and guides such as view work schedules on Lowes Kronos, how can I access my paystub, w-2 form, employee benefits, HR support number, and many more.


What is MyLoweslife?

As the company grows bigger and bigger, it becomes much difficult for the company to manage the work effectively without any employment software. So the company had come forward to minimize the work with a simple work management tool ie., My Lowes Life.

Also known to be lowesnet, with the Lowes Employee login, associates have several options that make the work to be more convenient and quick are listed below:

  • Weekly Work Schedules
  • Paychecks or Old Pay stubs.
  • W-2 Form
  • Tax filing
  • Employee Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental & Vision Insurance.
  • Direct deposit payment and many more.

MyLowesLife Employee Portal – Lowes KRONOS Login

Current Associates – A detailed procedure on how to access the Lowes employee login:

my lowes life login
  • Open the official website employee portal of Lowe’s at Myloweslife at www.myloweslife.com.
  • Login option is displayed, Kindly enter the Sales number and Password to sign in to the employee portal.
  • After the authentication, Select the employee option between Part-time and Full-time.
  • Based on the employment type, now the site will show necessary option from the top menu. From the dashboard, employees can navigate to view work schedules, pay stubs, w-2 form, and many more.

Employees had to access the employee website (www.myloweslife.com) using their USER ID / SALES ID and Password. In case, the login credential details are not yet provided we recommend you get in touch with the Lowes HR Department:

+1-844-HRLOWES (+1-844-475-6937).

My Lowes Life Login for Former Lowe’s Employee

There is a separate portal for Lowe’s Former employees, and the official link can be found on the www.myloweslife.com portal.

The below steps will help the former employees to access the portal:

  • As mentioned on the above image, click on “Click here” link.
  • The website will be redirected to a login screen for Former Associates.
  • Enter the User ID and Password to Sign in.
  • After verification, You will be redirected to the Portal Dashboard.

How to Reset Login Password at MyLoweslife.com Portal

If the lowes employee had forgotten their user id or password, follow the below steps to reset the employee user id and password quickly.

retrieve user id and password
  • Open the My Lowes life login page at www.myloweslife.com, click on the “Forgot User ID & Password” link at the bottom of the sign-in option.
  • Now you will be taken to a page that needs to validate with Personal Identification.
  • Without using a user id, employees can log in to the portal by verifying the employee identity.
  • Enter the last four digits of the Social Security Number.
  • Fill in the Birth Date of the Employee.
  • Click on the “Continue” button & follow the instruction to reset the user id and password.

IMPORTANT: Password is a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Password should be 8 characters to 16 characters in length.

Get Access to Lowe’s Paystubs Online at My Lowes life

How to check MyLoweslife paystub online?

lowes paystub
  • Visit the official MyLoweslife portal and sign in to the website using sales id and password.
  • In the top menu, click on the “My Lowe’s Life” option and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Find an option “My Wealth”, click on this option to view my payslip.
  • The list of paystubs will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the particular payslip and click on the View option to view my paystub.
  • When you are on the preview screen, employees can print the paystub instruction at work or home using the “Print Paystub” button.

Lowe’s Schedules at Lowes KRONOS Portal

The main reason for Lowe’s Associates to check the My lowes life website is to check their upcoming week schedules online from Lowes Kronos. Initially, It might be difficult to follow the procedure, after that employees could easily get their work schedules quickly.

Follow the steps on how to view employee work schedules using Lowes Kronos Login.

lowes work schedule
  • Once you access the Lowes employee portal page, Find an option at the top-right corner like “KRONOS”.
  • Click on that button, to read and acknowledge the disclaimer terms to continue viewing the work schedule.
  • Now Navigate to “My Work” to get a preview of your upcoming work shifts.
  • Absence Summary will give an overview of your absent days due to any reason or illness.
Upcoming schedules are available prior to 17 days. 

Request Leave of Absence or Change Shift Timings

If the employees would like to request leave or want to change their shift timings, using the Kronos mobile application employees can access the SHIFT menu and request a swap shift with their colleague or change the shift timing with any other employees.

Employees get one full weekend off for every eight weeks of their work. Also, they can update their work preference so that the work schedules are prepared based on those preferences.

Lowe’s W-2 Online: How to View/Print Form?

For Current Employees:

lowes w2 form
  • Get access to the Official Lowes Employee Portal page with user id and password.
  • Browse and Navigate to “My Wealth > Payroll services > W-2 Services”.
  • Select the “Get W-2 now” option will allow you to deliver online.
  • Select the current financial year’s W-2 form and from the drop-down option,
    select the “Online” to view the W-2 form.
  • In case if you want to print the form, kindly select the “W-2 Print” option.
Associates get 1 free print copies of the current year's W-2. There will be an additional charges for early W-2 statements.

For Former Employees:

  • Using the W2Express.com website, a former employee of Lowe’s can access the W-2 form.
  • Enter the employer name ie., LOWES & Enter the Employer code ie., 11116.
  • Now employees had to enter their SSN (Social security Number) & PIN.
  • Click on the “Continue” button to sign in to W2Express.
  • After your first sign-in at W2Express, we recommend you change the default PIN.
  • Select the “Get Your W-2 now” to receive online and deliver to your email address or Print your W-2 using the print option.
The PIN is a combination of the last four digits of SSN, Month, and Year of the employee's date of birth. 

Contact Lowe’s Team

Employees can find detailed information on how to contact the Lowes HR Team. If there are any additional things required, we recommend they refer to the latest blog post resources.

Lowe’s Customer Care

Phone Number – +1-800-445-6937

Lowe’s Pro Desk

Contact number – +1-844-569-4776

The contact telephone numbers are available from 8:30 AM to 7 PM (ET) 7 Days a week.

My Lowe’s Life Benefits Representative

For any assistance regarding employee problems, we recommend you to contact the Lowe’s Benefits Representative from the below phone number.

+1-888-HRINFO5 (+1-888-474-6365)
+1-844-HRLOWES (+1-844-475-6937) – Inside the United States

Lowe’s HR Benefits Support center

+1-312-843-5251 – Outside the United States

MyLoweslife Contact HR Support Team Service center
The above contact numbers are available from 8 AM to 8 PM (ET) (Mon - Fri) Only.

Live Support – Virtual Assistance

Get connected to My Lowes Life Virtual Assistance from the “Need Help?” option on the contact us page at https://leplb0180.upoint.alight.com/web/lowes/pre-contactus

Share Feedback Opinions

If the employees would like to share their feedback opinions about the myloweslife login portal, kindly find the feedback option from the “Former Lowe’s Employee Login” footer option menu- “Get in Touch > Feedback”.

Click on the feedback, a popup-window will open and answer the questions.

Share additional opinions? How much are you satisfied with? What was the purpose of the visit? Were you able to accomplish the assigned task?

Corporate Office Address:

1000 Lowe’s Boulevard,
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117,
United States

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